Pops: a tribute to my father-in-law and my husband’s hero (by Margaret Plumb)

Pops…miss you

A Democrat he is–

Of the Roosevelt brand,

A blue-blood through and through–

Blue collar

His hands tell stories of years of hard work

Honest work

Remnants of a Midwestern ethic

He is a veteran of war and other hardship

And stubborn as hell

True to his generation

He speaks little of his past or his emotion

but the lessons learned come spilling out of every pore

Loyalty, kindness, goodness, generosity

He opens his door to stray dogs, cats, and people

Those who are hungry or lost

Or dehydrated from a world that refuses to water

He welcomes and waters with kindness

liberally and without partiality

Nourishing the unloved and the unlovable

Back to health, back to home.

He loves exceedingly

Opens his heart and his ice-box

Offers his lap to the children

Who adore him

Love without strings

His face, his smile and his life

Are an inspiration to all of us who love him back

“A beautiful man” a friend once said after meeting him

And how true.

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