by Margaret Plumb

Time lapses still.

Cathedral ceilings and stained glass
Clothe me in a blanket of silence.
I sit here in the quiet

Lists and schedules, plans and projects,

cells and laptops, politics and presidents

Homes and food.

Music lifts the air now

 like a feather

Bows tremble on strings,
They gasp in awe
At the pureness of their own voice
I am filled with emotion
Simply because of beauty, nothing else.

Finlandia is calling me.

Jean Sibelius, long gone, scribbled dots on lines

And birthed an anthem,

Unearthly, beauty transcendent.

Sustained notes on a score are brought to life

Once again, a hundred years later,

Breathed through instruments,

Through disciplined hands on bows and keys.

Strings vibrate with the tones of heaven

Filling space with hope and triumph and peace,

A grand beauty.

Michelangelo near-touching hands

Etched in my memory

An eternal weight of glory

Calls to the soul.

Musicians and artisans hone their skills,

Giving their blood and hands

A lifetime of sweat

Compulsive quest  to capture the beauty.

Mortal reaches to touch the eternal

Fixating to display the sublime

Even for one fleeting moment, to soar,

To remind us that all is not meaningless.

Heaven come to earth and reveal yourself.

I must be about my Father’s business, said Jesus.

And this, I too, must be about.

Finlandia (Be Still My Soul) by Jean Sibelius

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